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If you walk, ride the bus, bicycle, or board at JMU, or are interested in mobility studies, you’ll find advice on what to wear if you’re walking, boarding, or bicycling on campus. You will also find information on how to use the bus system, or interesting options for exploring Harrisonburg (on foot, by bike or board, or bus)

For commuters, the site hopes to offer advice whether you’re walking less  mile to campus or trying to figure out whether a bus travels to campus from a nearby town.  You’ll find information about on-campus resources for people who want to commute and find lockers, bicycle storage, perhaps a shower option, and resources to improve the experience of bicycling or walking to campus.

While this site is created by writers who are attending or working at JMU, the opinions expressed here are not endorsed by the university. We try, as best as possible, to create articles and position pieces that will be of benefit to the local community, and we appreciate the hard work offered by multiple people in the local city community, and in the administration at JMU, many of whom are dedicated to improving the transportation experience for those not traveling by car.