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What does Harrisonburg have to offer? The better question to ask yourself is, what doesn’t it have to offer! Located in the heart of the astounding Shenandoah Valley, Harrisonburg provides residents and tourists with a genuine cultural and historical immersion that begins as soon as they enter the streets of downtown. Whether it be grabbing a slice of pizza from Harrisonburg’s famous Bella Luna Pizza, shopping in one of our many, local boutiques, enjoying a fresh cup of freshly made gelato from Bella Gelato & Pastries, indulging in a burger from the famous Jack Brown’s, exploring on of the many breweries and vineyards, or embarking on a journey on one of the trails of Harrisonburg’s breathtaking mountainside; there truly is something for everyone. Aside from these things and many more, Harrisonburg prides itself most on its sense of community. With James Madison University nestled at its core, Harrisonburg is home to an accepting family of residents, JMU students, JMU faculty, and visitors. So the question I ask now is, are you ready to get involved?

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How to decide which community event is right for you.

Deciding which event is right for you can be extremely an extremely overwhelming process and can sometimes be discouraging. For those not seeking to participate in organized athletic events, there are plenty of family-orientated events listed here!

 The key to picking the event best fit for you, is to accurately assess your current level of fitness. To begin this process, you should first ask yourself to identify the last type of organized physical activity you have performed. This can be an instructed exercise class, an organized athletic event, a sports match, a pre-designed workout, or any other type of exercise you can think of. Once you have identified this, reflect on the intensity of this physical activity and evaluate the level of difficulty you believe it to be. This is a great starting point to identify your comfort level with activities such as these.

The next types of factors to consider, are the physical ones. These factors consist of things such as muscle composition and strength, cardiovascular endurance, and aerobic health. For more information on how to evaluate these factors click here.

Once you have assessed these mental and physical factors, you can begin to narrow down your options. These events can be categorized into four types; beginner, intermediate, moderate, and advanced. The events located in the beginner category are designed to accomodate participants at all fitness levels and are welcoming of those with little to no previous experience with similar events. Events located in the intermediate category, are designed to attract participants who live fairly active lifestyles. These events are designed to be completed with low intensity and light effort. Events found in the moderate category, are designed to attract participants who live active lifestyles and have prior experience with similar events. The events found in the final category, advanced, are designed to attract participants who live extremely active lifestyles and have extensive experience with similar events.

The most important thing to remember when choosing your event is that your current fitness level should never limit you. All of the events listed below, are open to all participants and do not discriminate based on fitness level. These personal fitness tests are designed and recommended to help make your decision process less overwhelming and confusing, not to limit you. You can achieve anything you put your mind to, so if you are feeling ambitious or adventurous, GO FOR IT!

Why get involved?

Becoming an active participant in community events such as these, present extensive benefits to all communities involved. Here in Harrisonburg, the participation in these events support local charities, local businesses, and of course, the students and faculty of JMU!

Upcoming Events

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4/18/18: Harrisonburg’s Annual “Bike to Work Day”

All Levels
Registration Fee: FREE


Massanutten Mountain Bike Ride

All Levels
Registration Fee: $38


Beverage Tractor 5K

Registration Fee: $30


Downtown Harrisonburg’s Annual Chocolate Walk

Registration Fee: $15 per Adult and $5 for Children 10-

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