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Walk, Bike, Board, Bus

If you’re interested in commuting differently, this site explores the politics of moving by a range of strategies that move alongside cars.


Many guys (and it’s mostly guys) board on campus. Learn about gear and ways to explore boarding at JMU.


If you’re not sure how to dress for a hilly commute in weather that can shift in temperatures by 40 degrees in a day, read more here


If you want to know about trips in the area, and how to explore the valley even if you don’t have a car, read more here.


An approach to walking may seem like overkill. Everyone knows how to walk, but do we? 


Read more about how bicyclists approach their commutes in Harrisonburg..


Buses, if you’re used to public transportation, can be a breeze. If you’re not, they’re tough. Read more about H’burg buses. 

Mobility stories’ story

Mobility studies explore the politics of moving. Who can move where, under what conditions? Whose mobility had priority?  Why? What happens when a community doesn’t adequately plan for its participants who don’t want to drive cars, or who want to feel safe to walk home after a late work shift, but don’t feel safe? How does a community work on creating the possibility that all of its participants can move as they want, when they want, without worrying about being hit by cars, or without being targeted by people who would harm them? How do people learn how to walk safely in all weather, how to bicycle or catch a bus?  How do envision our options for moving?

Commute by foot

If you want to think about the relationship between exercise and daily activities differently, commuting by foot can be one of the easiest ways to integrate a healthy lifestyle into your daily life.

Commute by bike

UREC offers a bike rental for a week; it costs 25 – 40 dollars for seven days, depending on the bike. If you want to try out a bike before making an investment, give it a shot. You can always use the bike rack on the bus when you get tired!

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